Educação e Cidadania Educação e Cidadania Paths to Citizenship

It is a social and educational initiative targeted at public school students to teach traffic safety, citizenship and urban mobility practices in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná. Until July 2020, it was primarily focused on fourth- and fifth-grade students and later extended to first- to third-grade students upon the schools’ request. In 2019, the Paths to Citizenship program started using a platform to offer a complimentary distance learning course for teachers, municipal and pedagogical coordinators. In 2020, the program was fully digitized, including for students. In addition to providing learning content for the municipalities participating in the program, the website has other activities and tips available for the general public.
The program is present in 1,300 schools in the regions where the CCR AutoBAn, CCR NovaDutra, CCR ViaOeste, CCR RodoAnel, CCR SPVias (São Paulo), CCR RodoNorte (Paraná) and CCR ViaLagos concessionaires (Rio de Janeiro) operate.


More information on the program is available at


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