CCR ViaLagos donates face masks

15.07.2020 | Health

The coronavirus pandemic has made thousands of people extremely vulnerable, but solidarity endures despite this challenging scenario. Through CCR Institute, CCR ViaLagos has donated 4,000 cloth face mask kits to different entities that help older people, children and adolescents in need, in the  municipalities of Rio Bonito, Saquarema, Araruama, Iguaba Grande and São Pedro da Aldeia.

“Taking care of lives is in our DNA and, with this small gesture, we have contributed to prevent the virus and ease the lives of needy communities neighboring CCR ViaLagos”, says Luciana Sampaio, Communication Manager at the concessionaire.     

Educandário do Bem was one of the institutions benefited. Rosa de Fatima, who is in charge of the project, says that CCR ViaLagos contributed to help vulnerable families. “Partnerships with big companies are of paramount importance to help so many people in need. We are working together with the society and a widely known brand. We have donated face masks to children and their families while distributing meals. In addition, we give out books to encourage reading”, she says. 

Benefited institutions:  

• Casa de Apoio Sementes do Amanhã; 
• Casa de Repouso Xamego da Vovó;
• Sociedade Pestalozzi de Araruama;
• Educandário do Bem;
• Lar Doce Lar de Ipitangas;
• Lar Maria de Nazareth.

CCR ViaLagos donates face masks CCR ViaLagos donates face masks
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