CCR AutoBAn and CCR Institute deliver fabric masks to charities

09.06.2020 | Health

The solidarity spirit goes on during this period of coronavirus pandemic. After all, CCR AutoBan and the CCR Institute delivered, this month, 500 fabric masks to the Serviço de Obras Sociais (SOS - Social Work Service) in Jundiaí, an organization that supports people in situation of homelessness. With the goal to contribute to the prevention of covid-19, they also donated 500 masks to Instituto Reciclando Vidas, in Morro Doce, São Paulo, and other 2,000 masks to the local neighborhood authorities of Perus and Pirituba (1,000 each). 
Additionally, other charities that support mainly senior citizens, people in situation of homelessness, hospitals, social organizations and poor communities will receive mask donations.  There will also be the distribution to truck drivers, in places where the concessionaire already has a relationship with the professional drivers, such as the Programa Estrada para Saúde (Road to Health Program). In total, around 30,000 units shall be delivered soon.
Mask production
Part of the masks being provided are produced by social organizations that work with income generation projects, such as Grupo Primavera, in Campinas. It is important to emphasize that other Grupo CCR concessionaires are also doing this action! This contribution is really important, isn’t it? Congratulations to all those involved in these solidarity actions!


  CCR AutoBAn and CCR Institute deliver fabric masks to SOS CCR AutoBAn and CCR Institute deliver fabric masks to SOS
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