Pathways to Citizenship Workshop brings together more than 800 educational managers

16.04.2021 | Education

Workshop held by the Caminhos para a Cidadania program team with educational managers, on the last 14th, brought together 890 participants via zoom. The main objectives were to discuss current issues for education and the profile of leaders today.

The opening was carried out by Ariane Teles, from the CCR Institute, responsible for the program. Next to her were Débora Aguiar, from the Caminhos team, and the Instituto Crescer team, coordinator of the pedagogical area.

The executive manager of the CCR Institute and the Sustainability of the CCR Group, Cristine Naum, spoke at the beginning of the broadcast about the program's focus on continuing teacher education, the themes that will be addressed this year and highlighted the growth of the CCR Group, which was recently airport auction winner, which represents the company's confidence in Brazil.

In the first block of the workshop, the specialist in Education. Bárbara Szuparits carried out activities of reflection on contents and themes that are important for current education, such as pedagogical strategies, the new needs of education, hybrid and remote education and technologies. He also stressed that the Caminhos program will address very current and important issues for teachers and students, such as citizenship, mental health, diversity, the environment, traffic safety, solidarity and financial education. Barbara also held a quizz with the participants.

In the second part of the event, psychotherapist and professional advisor Léo Fraiman spoke about today's leaders, as "new times call for new leadership". Among the main points, he commented that the leader needs to be assertive and always reflect on which brand he intends to leave where to go: “Leadership only happens when the other realizes that you (leader) care”. To deal with the daily difficulties and challenges, Léo spoke about the importance of having positive thoughts and habits. “The good leader stimulates. Your role is to serve, equip, circulate knowledge within the team ”. No less important were the tips for a good work environment: “What kind of environment are we creating? It is necessary to act lightly, with spirituality. It is good relationships that create a good environment. A leader needs to act with lightness and spirituality, looking for the best version of himself in order to be able to inspire others ”, he reinforced.

More than 800 educational managers More than 800 educational managers
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