A new way of bringing joy!

05.10.2020 | Culture

The Teatro a Bordo Project reinvented itself during the pandemic
Social distancing has had an impact on all sectors, especially on theaters. However, as the plays don’t stop, in response to the current scenario, the Teatro a Bordo - Caixola de Histórias Project adjusted part of its activities to be carried out remotely through digital resources. 

The group will hold storytelling workshops for the entire population over video conferencing. If you wish to participate, please register at (limited to 100 virtual seats). In these virtual meetings, the artists will play scenes that will later be published in a podcast and distributed to local radio stations of several states. 

The content will also be available in digital platforms, such as Spotify and YouTube, on the project website, on its Facebook and Instagram and on WhatsApp. “Listening to a story and mentally complementing it with images stimulates our imagination, keeping us from this information overload to which we are all exposed,” affirmed Talita Berthi, the project creator.

Teatro a Bordo will also invite local artists to perform over the Internet. Thus, the initiative will financially contribute to hiring professionals from the areas of music, theater and other performing arts. This initiative is held by BERTHI Produção e Arte, and presented by the Ministry of Citizenship and the CCR Institute through the Federal Law of Culture Incentive.

Watch now!
The Teatro a Bordo YouTube channel already features some activity videos:
A video featuring special presentations about the city of Louveira (SP): http://

A video featuring special presentations about the city of Santa Bárbara d’Oeste (SP):


A new way of bringing joy! A new way of bringing joy!
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