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14.02.2020 | Institutional

Created in 2016, the Sustainability Portal - Projects Module had the role of registering and highlighting the execution of projects sponsored through Instituto CCR. Following the review of the CCR Group's internal guidelines in 2019, the portal changed its name and underwent improvements to receive all requests for donations and sponsorships from the company.

Updating the system, managed by Instituto CCR, promotes continuous process improvement, traceability and transparency in the use of the company's social investment. The Donations and Sponsorships Portal started to integrate two functions: the first is related to the selection of proposals for donations and sponsorships, the Funnel Module; the second is linked to the Projects Module, used to guarantee the data history, the documentation records and the traceability of donations and sponsorships made by the CCR Group.
"All requests for sponsorship received by CCR Group collaborators, whether requested through tax incentive laws, direct contributions, requests for donations and service requests, must be registered on the Donations and Sponsorships Portal. In addition, the registration of requests made on the Portal may take place through the business units and Instituto CCR, with each company being responsible for registering the proposals that will be executed in their regions of operation. Finally, Instituto CCR is responsible for registering institutional requests”, explains Renata Macedo, responsible for managing the tool at Instituto CCR.

 Funnel Module
The functionality was developed to record, analyze and guarantee the traceability of all requests for donations and sponsorships received by the CCR Group. Implemented in June 2019, it allows integration with the Projects Module and maintains the history of proposals received. In addition, the tool has selection criteria with scores in line with the company's social responsibility guidelines, with a flow of systemic approvers.

Projects Module
This module was developed to manage the proposals for donations and sponsorships approved by the CCR Group. After analysis in the Funnel functionality, approved requests will be automatically enabled as projects, maintaining the proposal identification code and receiving a new identification with project scope. Then, the system allows the inclusion, analysis and archiving of documents and evidence of project execution.

Renata Macedo, from Instituto CCR, highlights the importance of the portalRenata Macedo, of Instituto CCR, highlights the importance of the portal
Author: Instituto CCR Communications

Renata Macedo, from Instituto CCR, highlights the importance of the portal Renata Macedo, from Instituto CCR, highlights the importance of the portal
Autor: Instituto CCR Communications