CCR Institute Crossing Borders

30.10.2019 | Institutional

CCR Institute Crossing Borders
The year 2019 is very special because we are celebrating the 5th anniversary of the CCR Institute. As a mark of this important date, the site has gained English and Spanish versions. The project meets CCR's performance abroad. In addition, because the company is publicly traded, it has a large share of international shareholders. Translation adds even more value to the company, which is experiencing a moment of growth.
In 2018, the CCR Institute brought an important part of Brazilian culture through classical music abroad, where the CCR Group operates airport infrastructure in Latin American places such as Ecuador, Costa Rica and Curaçao. The presentation also took place in the United States, where the company is a shareholder of a company that provides airport services.
“It is worth remembering that some of the Institute's actions aroused the interest of units from abroad, such as the Conscious Consumption Campaign and Volunteering initiatives. Thus, nothing more fair and necessary than also communicating with this audience through our website, in English and Spanish, ”says Marina Mattaraia, director of the CCR Institute.

Aeris Engagement
Since April, Aeris, a CCR Group concessionaire that manages the Juan Santamaria-Aeris airport, Costa Rica's largest, has begun an important partnership with the CCR Institute for the dissemination of campaigns locally.
“Aeris's Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) area, which is responsible for sustainability issues, was very interested in the initiatives undertaken by the CCR Institute, as our work areas focus on the same four main axes: Health and Quality of Life. Life, Education, Environment, Culture and Sports. We saw an opportunity to join forces and take advantage of the platform to strengthen our programs and align them in the same strategy, ”explains Valeria Chanto of Aeris.
This year alone, the concessionaire has already carried out the Conscious Consumption, June Red and October Pink campaigns to make employees aware of the importance of issues that sometimes are not so present in everyday life. Finally, actions are still planned for November Blue, Used Toy Donation and World Volunteer Day.
“Perhaps one of the best initiatives of this merger was to start with the precious donation to the national blood bank. This simple gesture can mean the return to life of a human being ”, reveals Jorge Fonseca, from Aeris Engineering.
For the Costa Rican company, relying on the support of the CCR Group and the CCR Institute means providing a benchmark for the sustainability efforts underway. “More than that: Through learning, we will be able to structure a strategy that enhances resources to carry out sustainable project and campaign management. We saw an opportunity to develop from the experiences that the CCR Institute has in relation to the management of social assistance projects ”, concludes Valeria.

The website in English and Spanish The website in English and Spanish
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