Projects selected for the 4th CCR Institute notice of Cultural Projects

30.10.2019 | Institutional

The CCR Institute announced on Wednesday, 30, the 17 projects selected for the 4th CCR Institute notice of Cultural Projects. In all, the public call received 775 applications, in 286 municipalities, and will distribute its highest value in cultural incentives via Rouanet Law (about R $ 3.9 million) for actions to promote cultural production, especially from outside the large capitals. Each of the projects chosen will receive the incentive of up to R $ 300 thousand.

In this edition, the main themes of the contemplated actions include the valorization of Afro-Brazilian culture, democratization of access to the book and the rescue of artistic expressions, such as theater, dance and music.

“It is a pride for the CCR Institute to continue collaborating with the democratization of access to culture in the country. The incentive notices are important instruments for the diffusion of cultural actions in various regions of the country, especially those that are furthest from the major centers” , highlights Marina Mattaraia, director of the CCR Institute.

Among those selected is the “11th Black Zózimo Bulbul Cinema Meeting - Brazil, Africa and the Caribbean”, which has been organizing, for 12 years, a circuit of itinerant cinema screenings in cities in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, aiming to rescue the Afro culture traditions in the state. With this in mind, the “Open Chest Ginga” fosters the heritage of capoeira, with classes for children and young people in Salvador, Bahia's capital. Already Pimp my Wagon bet on urban art as the main element to give visibility and self-esteem to the carters. The project envisages the use of recyclable waste pickers' carts to spread artistic exhibits throughout Brazilian cities.

The search for accessibility in literature and its role in cultural dissemination was also highlighted among those contemplated by the public notice, which granted the incentive to the Resende Book Fair (FLIR), in Rio de Janeiro; for the accessible literature collection, in Jundiaí (SP); and the project “Seven Seas of Stories” in California (PR), developed from the aesthetics of storytelling.

The promotion of classical artistic expressions as a factor of cultural dissemination was the theme with more projects encouraged. In particular, projects were chosen for theatrical performances and circus demonstrations, such as the proposal by the Cia Ballet Chamber of Barra Mansa, in Rio de Janeiro, which seeks to maintain the first professional dance company in the city.
The project “The Special World of Popsicle”, in Ponta Grossa, brings the circus culture to the public of Paraná, as well as the “Old Clowns State Circuit”, in Nova Iguaçu (RJ) and the 9-year-old Roda Gigante show. provides performances that mix theatrical techniques, improvisation, music and singing and magic. The children's play Pipo and Fifi, performed by Cia. Truks for children 5 to 10 years old, and Alethea Dreams, which addresses pertinent issues in today's society, such as the acceptance of self-image.

Music and its influence on improving well-being in Brazilian communities is another major axis of projects awarded in this edition of the edict. The circuits of musical workshops Educando pelo Caminhos da Música, in Jacareí (SP), and 3 Oficina Sol Maior - Instrumental Music, in Porto Alegre (RS), allow children and young people to improve their musical abilities. The JAM actions at MAM, from Salvador (BA), Sons no Vale 2nd Edition, from Confins (MG), and the Instrumental Music Visiting Your City Circuit, in Porto Alegre (RS), bring together experienced musicians in memorable performances of Jazz, Music. instrumental and popular.

“These projects also contribute to the development of communities, driving the creative economy and benefiting the municipalities around the business units managed by the CCR Group,” says the director of the CCR Institute.

Check out the projects selected for this announcement:

Projects selected for the 4th CCR Institute notice of Cultural Projects Projects selected for the 4th CCR Institute notice of Cultural Projects
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