Estrada para a Saúde [Road to health] at CCR MSVia

09.03.2020 | Health and Quality of Life

With the objective of making truck drivers aware of necessary cares for their well-being, Estrada para a Saúde [Road to health] makes a difference in the lives of those who drive on the stretches managed by CCR MSVia. Since 2014, the program created by the CCR Institute has already carried out 63 events, totaling 5,462 check-ups.
“In the initiative, we offer as much information as possible with the purpose of preventative and health treatment while traveling, using knowledge for good practices and healthy habits. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of truck drivers who travel along BR 163 in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul”, says Ligia Elena de Castro, program supervisor at CCR MSVia.
Participants are offered free clinical exams, such as blood typing, blood glucose tests, visual and auditory acuity, exercise tests, weight, height and blood pressure measurements. In addition, a quick massage and haircut are in the service package for users.
“Drivers are always very grateful for the concessionaire's initiative and for being able to participate. Many report that, in the midst of daily setbacks, they leave their health aside, reporting lack of time, tiredness and poor diet. With the program, they receive necessary guidance and tips for day-to-day” health care”, says Ligia.


The program is successful at CCR MSVia The program is successful at CCR MSVia
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