Instituto CCR and CCR AutoBAn unite in favor of human development

14.02.2020 | Health and Quality of Life

Once again, Instituto CCR, in partnership with CCR AutoBAn, made a difference in people's lives! In January, 163 people with some level of hearing impairment received new Hearing Aids (AASI), offered free of charge by Associação Terapêutica de Estimulação Auditiva e Linguagem [Therapeutic association for auditory stimulation and language] (ATEAL). The project is made possible by Instituto CCR and CCR AutoBAn, through the Ministry of Health´s Brazilian Health Care for Persons with Disabilities Support Program (Pronas/PCD).
During the delivery of the new devices, patients underwent, during the second half of last year, complete audiological evaluations (tonal audiometry, logoaudiometry and acoustic emittance measurements). This made it possible to define the hearing acuity of each of the beneficiaries and deliver the appropriate type of AASI. The expectation is that 300 people will be covered by the end of February this year, which represents approximately 20% of the waiting list in Jundiaí (SP).
 “Language is a fundamental part of human development. CCR AutoBAn recognizes that the responsibility goes beyond managing the Anhanguera-Bandeirantes System with excellence. And, with support from Instituto CCR, we managed to invest in this project in the health area, through the Pronas/PCD incentive law. Hundreds of people have managed to benefit from the purchase of hearing aids that make it possible for these people to reintegrate into society”, says Elaine Esteves, from Instituto CCR.


The expectation is that 300 people will be contemplated The expectation is that 300 people will be contemplated
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