Caminhos para a Cidadania (“Paths to Citizenship”) resumes with training programs to teachers

15.07.2020 | Education

The Caminhos para a Cidadania program resumed this month with training programs to teachers through an online course on social and emotional competencies. This initiative was designed to provide participants with reflections that will help them adopt the best practices in traffic by managing their own emotions. They will also receive different suggestions of activities to do with their students.

Suelen Marcelino Pereira de Sousa, from Caieiras, has many expectations about this resumption, but mainly understanding how the mind works. “Staying balanced to manage both professional and personal demands is essential. I am really happy with the resumption of the training programs and I believe this is a primary resource for teachers, as it enables them to re-plan classroom  practices, in an integral training process”, she says. 

She also highlights that the topic proposed is crucially important. “As we understand what involves social and emotional skills, we start learning how to be, coexist, know and do things. These four pillars help the formation of human beings. The training proposals offered by Caminhos para a Cidadania have been helping teachers see through this different perspective”, Suelen says. 

SMEC Carambeí understands that the partnership with CCR Institute and CCR RodoNorte is essential for teachers, students and schools. Priscila Pauliki Solek, from SMEC, says that in such different and difficult times, Caminhos para a Cidadania is once again providing pedagogical tools to education professionals, students and parents. “As the program resumed, courses, materials, articles, videos, activities, books, films and series were made available, as well as suggestions for online activities”, she says. 

In Pindamonhangaba the expectations are also highly positive. “During the pandemic, Caminhos para a Cidadania did not stop providing us with reflections on teaching practice, suggestions of activities and innovative strategies to our students”, said Maria Aparecida Pedroso Rocha Pena, regional director of basic education. She believes that these professionals are in the forefront of education, using state-of-the-art technological tools, without losing sight of the entirety of human dimensions. “As an example, I mention the course on the development of social and emotional skills, which are very required in our time”, she says.

Rosa Maria Domingues, municipal coordinator of Embu das Artes, talks about the period that required reinvention, creation of possibilities and consolidation of technology combined with creativity. “We expect that the course, which discusses highly relevant matters, contribute to changes in attitudes and skills, the management of emotions, the demonstration of empathy and the responsible decision-making process”, she concludes.  

Suelen Marcelino Pereira de Sousa, from Caieiras: happy with the resumption of the program Suelen Marcelino Pereira de Sousa, from Caieiras: happy with the resumption of the program
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