Great goal on and off the pitch

30.10.2019 | Culture and Sports

Great goal on and off the pitch
Since 2018, the CCR Institute and CCR RodoNorte have been partners of the Young Talent Ponta-grossenses project, which comprises the U17 and U19 teams of the Operário Railroad Sports Club (OFEC).
In addition to participating in regional and state competitions, the project provides an interdisciplinary structure for athletes. They keep up with their studies and still participate in social actions linked to the Alvinegra Family program, the Worker's social programs division.
“Since the boys' arrival here at the club, we have shown them the importance of study and commitment that must be had also outside football. They are very charged for this, precisely because our project has as its main objective, the formation of citizens, people prepared not only for sport, but for life, ”says Fabiano Castro, coordinator of the base categories of the Worker.
With the resources of the project, the club - which is currently in Serie B of the Brazilian Championship - set up a specific structure for the grassroots categories, involving professionals dedicated exclusively to take care of the performance of young people on and off the pitch. On the field, the team has already achieved significant results, such as the 3rd place in the Paranaense U19 Championship and the title of the Open Games of Paraná.
In addition, the Paranaense Alvinegro is close to being awarded a place in the Sao Paulo Junior Football Cup, the largest grassroots competition in Brazil. It takes place annually, in January, in several cities of the state of São Paulo.
Fundamental Support
“Last year, we started the grassroots category project, which is fundamental for football today, and we have already achieved excellent results. With each step we take, we are delighted to have the CCR Institute and CCR RodoNorte, who have been with us since the beginning of the project and have been instrumental in this process, ”says Alvaro Góes, president of the Operator Management Group.

Operário Team from Paraná Operário Team from Paraná
Autor: CCR Institute