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30.10.2019 | Culture and Sports

EPTV Concert Project brings classical music to cities in the interior of São Paulo
Listen to classical music in free performances in your city? This was the proposal of the EPTV Concertos, winner of the 3rd CCR Institute for Cultural Projects Notice. In May this year, the initiative toured cities in the interior of São Paulo, such as Americana, Piracicaba, Campinas, Santa Bárbara D'Oeste and Limeira, presenting concerts to students from the region.

“Our proposal, with the support of the CCR Institute and EPTV, was to spread classical music dynamically to our audience. We wanted to get out of the more traditional axis of exhibitions and social projects, which is always in the big capitals. During the presentations, the audience welcomed us very much and was enchanted by the magic of classical music, ”says Roberto Ring, one of those responsible for the project.
Roberto also tells how the contact with the CCR Institute came about. “We had a very strong synergy with the company, which truly thinks about social projects and local communities. This support was fundamental for the presentations and dissemination of culture, ”he reveals.

Didactic activities
In addition to the presentations, the EPTV Concert project also taught teaching activities for musicians and music students. These are workshops given by the string trio Pablo de León on the violin, Horácio Schaefer on the viola and Roberto Ring on the cello. “We focused on these instruments as they are the main ones in string orchestras. At the time, we applied practical examples using excerpts from works by renowned artists such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Dvorák, ”he concludes.

Chamber Music Chamber Music
Autor: CCR Institute