The Institute

Life requires us not only to take care of ourselves, but also of others and the environment. We believe that sustainability involves acts of caring.
We always seek to foster transformations in the communities where we are present. We develop, support and strengthen projects in the social, cultural, environmental and sports fields. More than 500 projects have been carried out so far at our communities.

Today, our projects serve more than 120 cities and we have been bringing benefits to millions of people since 2003.

It is within this context, and with our proven capacity to generate significant value for society, that the CCR Institute emerges.

The CCR Institute was born to qualify, structure and manage projects supported by the Group, increasing transparency of where resources are being used, either in direct or indirect projects, and maintaining the challenge of providing democratic access to culture.

The CCR Institute is a private, non-profit organization, classified as an OSCIP entity - Civil Society Organization of Public Interest, aimed at expanding the excellence of its services and increasing the positive perception the institute has from its key audiences.

CCR Institute’s role is to open paths that lead to sustainable and socioeconomic development in Brazil.

Our Challenges

Brave and new ideas have always been present in our governance style, including the development and support of social and environmental projects and initiatives. Challenges are always being renewed at the CCR Institute. We have a specialized third sector team constantly working on the mapping, reorganizing and managing projects and we are always training individuals who can multiply the reach of CCR Group's activities. The main challenge of the CCR Institute is to be recognized as a reference entity for the socioeconomic and environmental development of the regions where it operates and to ensure that all those involved have a complete understanding, sense of belonging, complicity and play a protagonist role in our activities.

Relationship, complicity and trust are the pillars behind CCR Institute's operating strategy.

With creativity, innovation, openness for dialogues and team spirit, we constantly seek the commitment of all those involved to ensure the quality of our actions and the perpetuity of our business.

The CCR Institute is committed to managing all its projects by respecting the different customs, cultures and expectations of each region covered by its actions and optimizing the use of its own funding and incentive laws.

The activities carried out by CCR Institute are based on the following pillars:

Health and Quality of Life

Education and Citizenship

Culture and Sports

Environment and Traffic Safety

CCR Group is one of the largest infrastructure concession companies in the world, operating in the highway concessions, urban mobility and services segments, with a market value of over R$20 billion.

The Company celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2014 and is responsible for 3,284 kilometers of highway concessions in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul. The Group also owns 34.25% of the equity capital of STP, which operates the electronic toll payment methods Sem Parar and Via Fácil.

It is part of CCR Group's qualified strategic growth plan to diversify its portfolio and enter new operating businesses. Through this strategy, the company operates in the passenger transport segment through the ViaQuatro, CCR Barcas and CCR Metrô Bahia concessionaires, responsible for the Line 4-Yellow of the São Paulo subway, for the waterway passenger transportation in the Rio de Janeiro and the Salvador and Lauro de Freitas subway system, respectively, and also participates in the VLT Carioca (Light Rail Vehicle) concession, which will connect the port and downtown regions of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2012, the Group entered the airport sector through the acquisition of an equity stake in the concessionaires of the international airports in Quito (Ecuador), San Jose (Costa Rica) and Curaçao. In Brazil, the Group operates the BH Airport concessionaire responsible for the Belo Horizonte International Airport, in Confins, Minas Gerais.

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